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1967 Silver Streak Trailer

When I made the decision to buy a trailer I had no dream ideal and no previous experience with trailers, and really, no desire to own one, it just happened. After the deconstruction of my camper, I intended to build

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Trailer Remodel Part 1

Well here it is and there it was. I had a good shady parking spot, a few bucks, some time off, and no idea. First order of business? A bed. Even though one has a plan, that doesn’t mean implementing

To The Coast

I don’t know what to say of my first refit to the Silver Streak other than… was premature in the sense that my ideas about living in it were not well developed. And this is because we needed a relationship,

Installing The Wood Stove Into My Vintage Trailer

The Pet and the Pipe It’s with love that I have decided to install my Pet stove into the trailer. I say this because it has taken several months to commit to this decision. It’s so small I wasn’t sure

Life in my hand built home; Rocket

Fall 1999 In the pursuit of happiness and knowledge there are times when we all do something that seems without purpose or reason. If you’re lucky, you will trust yourself, and though the reason may not be clear, you will

Parking Spots

Parking Spots

The Camper Jun 15, 2013

Parking the Camper   Parking a truck and camper is a problem for the most part. It is the single biggest issue I have. I have parked in cemeteries, church parking lots, car wash bays, truck stops, and alley ways.

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Why do I keep killing people in my dreams?

It’s a tough one. I’m sorry if this is bothering you but I am certain you can get this into perspective. In this case I would describe dreams as a representation of your vibration quality. As in, you are a

A Note About Dream Interpretation

Dreams are a personal experience. The dream work field that has come before us has been a stepping stone in many ways and provided a valuable place to begin as the human race evolves. But within this spectrum, things have

Why Do I Feel Like I Am Losing My Mind?

Evolution. Humans are evolving into 4th density beings on this planet. Crazy talk? Maybe to some. Have you noticed that our sun has turned white? Children are being born with 3 strand DNA. I could get way into it but