A Note About Dream Interpretation

Dreams Oct 09, 2016 No Comments

Dreams are a personal experience.

The dream work field that has come before us has been a stepping stone in many ways and provided a valuable place to begin as the human race evolves. But within this spectrum, things have changed.

The first dream dictionary provided by Artemiderus somewhere around 140 AD has one crucial piece of insight; he and his followers believed that dreams could be understood best by observing the details of ordinary everyday life. Though dreams can be intuitively discerned by divine inspiration, he may have been the first to see that the “dreams and visions are infused into men for their advantage and therefore cannot satisfy all persons, but often, according to times and persons, they admit of varied interpretations.’

I believe this is the case; that each individual decides for themselves what their dream means. Varied interpretation implies that the vantage point of any given symbol or image is to be taken as a suggestion for the given moment of their own life. There is neither absolute of any symbol meaning nor absolute of the image to an individual or collective.Tomorrow the symbol will change and morph with the experience of the dreamer. And therefore provide insight again and again.

The modern establishment of a dream dictionary has led many people for many years to see the dream space as an easy to identify list of attributes and therefore nothing special; pick the metaphor you like and call it good. Anyone can merely dream of an image and look it up, finding a specific definition and relinquishing the need for deeper introspection.

From a frequent flyer perspective of the dream space, the question of, “what does it mean to dream of a man in a black coat”, is not only extremely difficult to identify but loses meaning without being held up by the dreamer, with the nature and essence of dreaming at its back. Though the dream space is complex and can mean many things, we are at the apex of transformation and what we need is a new idea about the nature of dreaming as it applies to energy and multidimensionality.

It’s possible that when one travels out into the dream world, they choose from an infinite number of symbols and images from their own multidimensional experience, from the very fabric of who they are. Everything that happens in dreams is a result of one’s own experience through not only this physical lifetime but beyond. The subconscious matrix of dreams is a reflection of one’s own vibration; that frequency which is unique to them. Even if two people had the exact same imagery and symbolism within a dream, the experience of it would be unique to them.  When you and I experience a rat in a dream, it may be joyous to me and repulsive to you. The rat may represent that which is dirty or resourceful.  When it appears in my dream it may have a connection to my work, or to remind me that I am a resourceful person, or to a friend that I associate with having “dirt”. When you wake up from a dream, you do your best to bring back some essence of what has happened. I may match the vibrational quality or “essence” of a rat to someone or something in my current state of being.

There is a need for people to have a new idea on the nature of dreaming. There is a need for people to look at themselves and ask the questions that they think someone else can answer.

No one, in any way, can tell another  person for sure what any dream image, symbol, or meaning of events has. What can be given is an offering of suggestions. For example, I can share my experience working with metaphors. I can share my practices and the knowledge I have gained from doing my own internal exploration. And I can help with ideas about the nature of dreaming. I can share an intuitive ability to see a person’s energy and offer an objective view about what I think is happening in their energy field and belief systems. But none of that can be done effectively with one dream image and no information about the individual dreamer.

Each one of us is multidimensional. How many memories and experiences can you imagine that is? It’s infinite. And it’s happening in one now moment. And each one of us is shifting and changing every now moment. To actually identify the meaning of one image for a particular person is extremely difficult. In addition, anyone willing to help another with a deep understanding of the dream is more likely to be of assistance when the dreamer has met them part way. This means offering any kind of insight they may have about the dream, or a little about themselves. Such as whether they are happy, if they enjoy their life, if they had a previous experience with the dream image, how often do they invest in their dreamtime in general?

There are many ways in which a dreamer can get help with understanding a dream. And many can browse a dream dictionary and get a definition. However, my own experience and my own beliefs about our dream space is that the dictionaries only go as far as offering a general insight to metaphors. Dreaming is a complex interstellar exploration of ourselves in an astral projected consciousness. It is perhaps us in our truest form. It is perhaps ourselves in the state of being without our physical bodies. It may be the template level reality in which we view our own design in the eyes of source. It may be the place where we exist as a light body. It may be where we traverse time and space and conduct energy for the experience and become one again with all that is. And it may be where we go when we leave our physical bodies. But is is ubiquitously important that we take this into consideration when asking for dream interpretation from another.

When you can look at the possibility of dreams in this way, the reflection of one particular image cannot be separated from other elements of who you are. One dream images exists in the matrices of all that is. It requires a deeper look and a deeper look across time.  We all have the ability. And we all have an internal knowing that we can access. I am envisioning a time when we can incorporate that knowing into our everyday experience.

When we ask what does the rat mean? We know something has touched us. We know something else is at work. We have big dreams that change our lives; we take pause and have a desire to investigate our inner force. For, once this inner knowing is loved and nurtured then we reconnect with a higher consciousness and reintegrate with all that is. We come to understand our responsibility to the next generation, to make this part of our DNA. To bring balance back to ourselves and ground ourselves. Why do we have this connection to our dreams if not to remind ourselves of our internal knowing and from whence we came? And how to move forward? How could we stay connected to our higher knowing if not for the gift of dreams?

Let’s expand on these notions for ourselves and the collective!

All are loved.