What is Life on rubber Roots?
What is The Dream Matrix?
It’s where I find the best of me.

My name is Chyrese Soubasis but I also have an internet alias which is Kitty, Kitty Rocket. I have lived on wheels for 17 years. People often ask me, “What is Birdhammer?”

Bird; That of an odd sort.
Hammer; To forge in the mind.

My life on rubber roots was never planned, it just happened that way. And though I have been fascinated by my own ability to be on the road all these years, I am starting to shift my desires. And that my friend, is what you will find in the blog; musings on the shifting desires of life.

But it’s so much more than that!

I am a sleep and dream researcher and professional; teaching, dreaming, and exploring.

I am a mother and grandmother.

I started this blog while I lived in my handmade camper on my truck. It was a fantastic dwelling and I still miss the patina wood walls of it’s interior. I had a trailer that slowly grew a place in my heart. After all that’s how I operate, from the heart. It’s always about feeling. I log my dreams and dream some more.

I’m into a lot of interesting stuff and I have a fascinating story to tell if I ever get around to it.

My superpower is; I never drop anything.

My goal, as a result of experience, is to keep it fresh.

I’m an adventure seeker and I’m always open.

So, now we’ve met and I Thank You!


Oh, and don’t forget to let me know you were here!