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Steam Radio Syndicate Films

Being part of developing Steam Radio Syndicate was one of the most exciting and rewarding creative efforts I was ever a part of. It was the acceptance of each persons story and the encouragement of that story to be delivered

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The Window

The Window

Short Stories Sep 07, 2014

This story was written for and told live for SRS and broadcast on Kboo September 8, 2014 for Steam Radio Syndicate. I went to go work in a county jail just South of SF in San Bruno Ca. I was

The Black House

Next door to my home base in Portland, Oregon there was a black house that sat on the corner, a sweet little overgrown bungalow built in 1920. This is the story about a hoarder who lived in the black house

Panamint Valley & The Resort

So I called the resort by phone, remembering what a cool place it was, and asked for a job. “Great”, they said, “Come anytime.” The Panamint Valley Resort is located in Panamint Valley. It’s the one you get to before

My trip to Del Rey

I came for good reasons but I stay for entirely different ones. Del Rey, California is a slow quiet town, with one main street, and a lot like what I call “little Mexico”. The Radio station claims we’re somewhere in

A Short Stay on The Property

“At night in this waterless air the stars come down just out of reach of your fingers….The great concepts of oneness and of majestic order seem always to be born in the desert….” -From Travels With Charley In 2008 I