Construction of the Camper

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As with most things creative and wonderful they become a body of their own. I had spotted what is now my truck, across the street from my house. I went over to peek inside. It was a tree trimmer who asked, “Whatcha doin’?”. “I’m looking for a truck like this one”, I said. It was for sale and I bought it. I loved it so much, and when a friend mentioned it was a gas guzzling beast I said, ” Well maybe it is and maybe I’ll build a house on it.” And that was that, the idea that won’t go away.

I started to plan. I had big ideas about a little shack on the truck being something grand. I can look back to my journal writings those first days and read fanciful ideas and musings about my “mind getting bigger and my quarters getting smaller.” A camper that will be “deceiving on the outside and  wonderland on the inside”, “…deep and rich tones with dark wood both simple and majestic.”

I had most of my wood already collected saved from years worth of jobsites, nights worth of walking the alleys, and random scoops from whatever I saw to be worth refinishing. And in the end, it was all that and more.

After tons of planning and a few tries at building a frame I decided to purchase a camper plan, a blue print from Glen-L camper designs. It was only 40 bucks and priceless. And in addition, it provided a small blog with a few photo’s and valuable information from people who had used the blueprints and built their own campers.

In terms of carpentry and building on wheels, the challenge is interesting and I learned a few things.

During the time of construction there was no Tiny House blog, no information really, save for the school bus’s of the 60’s and 70’s, and of course boats. And that information was gleaned from books not the web. And a camera? Digital cameras were expensive and large. If I had a smart phone during construction I might have better pictures. But these were taken with a 35 mm and not a lot of focus on documenting the adventure. I am lucky to have them at all.