Gotta Haves

The Camper Apr 08, 2011 No Comments

Wonder what could be so precious so as to occupy my tiny space? It’s all in the little things. I’m all about surrounding myself with the lovelies!  Some of the items I have, in place, were there in the beginning and it’s very hard to challenge that. Sometimes I keep them because I have always had them. I am not shy about my sentiment. I admire them and love them. There are people out there who have so much stuff they need boxes and storage, space in closets and and cupboards. But I like everything available to look at otherwise, what’s the sense of having it?

My 3 TanagersWho could pass up these birds? I make sure that they are tucked away safely when I drive and though they need special care, I gladly gave up a few things for these. Actually, now I have them Velcro’ed down and they are out of harms way.

In addition to enjoying the aesthetic beauty of such objects there are times when things get playful and weird.  Such is the story of my friends Saben and Munk. Though someday I intend to actually log their adventures, for now I have some still shots of their camper antics.adventures of saben and munkOkay so I love anything birds or feathers and generally old. I have a fantastic feather fan carved from bone. Pretty and it works. There really isn’t anywhere in the camper to keep something from getting dirty or roughed up. Eventually everything is subject to the sway and toss of the road, I admit, this feather fan may not last long!

from film 082I think orbs are the coolest! My birthday is 3.14 which in my mind translates to PI. I was destined to be in defiance of the square. Though I worry that my precious marbles are getting jostled about while I hit the highway but I enjoy them immensely and find them a worthy candidate for the counter….WAY cooler than a toaster oven! Plus my grandson relies on them when he is over.Marble collectionI admit, I have perhaps too many little treasures for but most of them come and go. Indeed a select few remain for their ability to brighten the day. I have a friend who has a lot  of really cool things, when I asked where all these things were he said, ” In a storage unit.”  I am left wondering what is the beauty of something that is never enjoyed or touched? Isn’t it the relationship that provides the worth? Happiness is found between too much and too little.