How Do I wake Up From Sleep Paralysis?

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How do I wake up from sleep paralysis when trying to become lucid doesn’t work?

I’m sorry this is troubling you! I understand and I read from the link you included.

The fastest way out of sleep paralysis is to start moving your facial muscles. Paralysis is designed to affect your major muscles. When you begin to move some of the smaller muscles that are less affected, you are essentially telling the body that the sleep and dream are over.

I want to note a couple of other things ; when doing “dreamwork” the only time we know it’s working is by the events of the following dreams. What I mean is, that if a person has a recurring dream, or a recurring nightmare, the only way to know if the dreamer has touched on, or begins to work with the issue, is when the dreams move on to something else.

The next thing is when a person says, “it’s just a dream”, it implies that the underlying belief is that the dreams come from some outside source. This is not the case. Your dreams come from you, your inner dialogue and your inner desires and experiences…..and those are based on your entire being; subconscious, conscious, and super-consciousness. It doesn’t matter if that concept is difficult, for the purpose of dreams and dream working, this is the essence.

Imagine for a moment that you are having a conversation with a “you” that lives outside of your physical body. Imagine this other you is a ball of white light for example. When you go to sleep, and all the waking noise, input, conversations, deadlines, relationships, and work fall away, you begin a conversation with the “you” as a ball of light. This ball of light loves you, and is helpful to you, wants you to be the best you can be. It also knows you, for it is you at the most basic level of vibration in all the universe. Are you with me? Imagine it, feel some love for that part of you.

In fact, this ball of light part, loves you so much it is willing to allow you a look at what you are doing in your waking life that is not in alignment with who you are.

For example, if you have a friend who treats you bad, and you continue to allow this friend to let you feel stupid, unattractive, not good at your job, or your interior design, or whatever, then you will begin to have dreams about this scenario. The ball of light part of you will connect with you and remind you that this is not helping you become the excellent person you are. You may be rehashing conversations that are not enjoyable right before you go to bed, and then when you fall to sleep, your higher self-ball-of-light will in essence reflect back to you what you are doing.

The sleep and dream state reflects what is going on with you in your waking life. Your vibration, your electromagnetic waves, your essence, is reflected back to you for the benefit of growth and experience.

What you think about is what you can experience in the dream state and your guidance system points it out to you. So, if you are telling yourself everyday that you have this problem; “I have sleep paralysis” , “I am having nightmares”, “my dreams have nothing to do with me” , “I don’t want to go to sleep for fear of this”, then the same will come back to you to show you what it is that needs assistance. This is not always the case, dreams can be many things within the dialogue of your higher self and you, but with this kind of situation, action is required, or so I believe.

The first thing to do is when you lay down to sleep, an hour or so before actually drifting off, go through your day as a series of events. Such as, I woke up, had coffee, got in my car, ran into Susan, saw my friend Bill, ate lunch, etc. All the way to bed time. You will notice some places in that event train that you will stick on. Such as a conversation with Bill. He said this and I really liked that, or that made me very uncomfortable. Then say, “that is done, the day is over and I am in my bed now.”There are no rules, just let it stick and move on when you can. In this way the daily events are released and you will on some level be free of them for the dream time to open up into something else.

Next, tell yourself a new story about your sleep time and talk to your ball of light self….”I know you are trying to help, but I am scared about the sleep paralysis, can you show me what to do without that aspect?” “I desire to have a comfortable night sleep with dreams that are helpful” “ I desire to explore my sleep time with joy and receive the gift of what I am doing right.”

When you say what you don’t want you just reinforce it. If you say “I don’t want to wake up and have this terrifying, annoying thing happen” then the energy is focused still….on that thing. Focus your thoughts on what you DO want. You are the one with the dreams, you are the one who has the say so about them. Give the energy back to yourself.

In terms of the nightmare, you have something going on that is out of alignment with who you really are. If you have a bad relationship or bad work environment, sort it out by looking at the dream events, the issue is there.

First, begin the exercises of positive feedback to yourself. Pay attention to what is sticky when you replay your day in a quick-ish fashion. Tell yourself that what you desire instead of the paralysis. I would encourage you not to try lucidity. What is troubling you is in your daily grind, not the sleep state.

You are loved beyond measure! You are perfect the way you are, and you know yourself better than the wisest longest living thing in the cosmos!

Photo: Le Cauchemar (The Nightmare), by Eugène Thivier (1894)