Installing The Wood Stove Into the Camper

The Camper Oct 10, 2011 No Comments

Installing a wood stove in the RV:

When your lifestyle is available to the general public it can be challenging, and occasionally beneficial. As is the story with acquiring the new, fabulous, favorite new addition to the camper…… new wood stove!

Walking back from the store one day while trailing a couple, I overheard them talking about the camper,” I love that trailer.”  she said.

“Well it’s mine”, I said, “please come check it out.”

After a bit of conversation he asked me what I do for heat.

“I generally freeze my butt off in the winter.”

He said he had a small wood stove I may be interested in.

Skeptical from years worth of searching for a small stove I told him I had one but at 70 lbs. it’s just a bit heavy for the camper. Not to mention that I have very little floor space.

” Oh no, this one is tiny, the size of a gallon of milk.”

I must have frowned because he said, “I know your skeptical so I will just run home and bring it back here…. for 50. bucks it’s yours!”

Here she is! AWESOME I know!

 Okay, so off to my property in the Oregon desert I went with my stove pipe, stove, cutting sheers, and miscellaneous ideas about installing this into the camper. I could find nothing on the internet about a wood stove in a camper or RV of any kind. So I was winging it. I figured any specs for 6″ pipe could be narrowed down to half with 3″ inch pipe, which is what I had. I cut a hole in the interior wall and then, with hesitation, through the exterior metal.

Here’s my hole with a view.

I had 3″ inch pipe for the stove, single walled, and a 4″ double walled section. I decided to run the smaller through the bigger just at the section where it goes through the wall. This should provide the insulation needed and then I would surround all with rock wool.


It was painless really. All that was left was to light a fire. I am not super keen on the way it looks from the outside. My friends say its cool and novel, and that people are more curious than put out by the idea yet somehow….if I thought I was low key before, or that I could be secret about my life, I can’t claim that now. The thing that might make you concerned is that my gas tank is below, on the same side of the truck. But don’t be alarmed…..



It’s been more than a month now since I installed this beauty. It works great! No trouble period! So don’t worry. Though for almost any other application I would say don’t do this. I built this ride so I am familiar, this should not be used on a manufactured RV without proper consideration.

It’s dreamy! And I’ll keep you posted!