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Why Do We Have Nightmares?

The nightmares we face are reflections of what we experience through our souls history and want to overcome now. If you have been abused as a child, for example, and find yourself being “chased”, it is the vibration of being

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I Dreamt I Was Shot In The Back

I will first encourage you to not be alarmed or afraid. And perhaps you are not. I have had 3 dreams in which I died but there was never a feeling of panic or fear. The feeling is the essence

How Do I wake Up From Sleep Paralysis?

How do I wake up from sleep paralysis when trying to become lucid doesn’t work? I’m sorry this is troubling you! I understand and I read from the link you included. The fastest way out of sleep paralysis is to

Steam Radio Syndicate Films

Being part of developing Steam Radio Syndicate was one of the most exciting and rewarding creative efforts I was ever a part of. It was the acceptance of each persons story and the encouragement of that story to be delivered

I Sold It All

I Sold It All

Now What? May 19, 2016

I am, with all my inspiration, making the most of the life I’m having. We all have our own path. And I have a great story to tell you and I want it to be pretty! I should start with

Pet Stove Stats

My tiny Pet stove is fantastic! And entirely heating my 24′ Silver Streak trailer in the Oregon winter. I think anyone who installs a wood stove into an unconventional setting, such as a vintage trailer, has reservations about its success.

Silver Streak Gallery

I find myself taking photographs when things are cozy. When the sun is out, when I feel warm, and when I find that something I have done is right for me. I mourned the loss of my camper for 2

Questions about place and meaning

Two months after moving into my unfinished trailer, and returning from my first trip, I was on the hunt for a place to park. What I needed was a place in my home town, close to resources such as my

Construction of the Camper

As with most things creative and wonderful they become a body of their own. I had spotted what is now my truck, across the street from my house. I went over to peek inside. It was a tree trimmer who

The Window

The Window

Short Stories Sep 07, 2014

This story was written for and told live for SRS and broadcast on Kboo September 8, 2014 for Steam Radio Syndicate. I went to go work in a county jail just South of SF in San Bruno Ca. I was