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The End

What started out as a small repair on the camper revealed itself to be a major mold problem, in more places than one. I knew I had a small leak but Oregon’s monsoon-like rains of spring 2012 prevented me from

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The Black House

Next door to my home base in Portland, Oregon there was a black house that sat on the corner, a sweet little overgrown bungalow built in 1920. This is the story about a hoarder who lived in the black house

Honoring The Dream In Art
Update On The Stove

The stove is fabulous, probably the most useful thing I have purchased for the camper thus far! It really works well, with no, absolutely no smoke at anytime inside! You know, this reminds me of a guy and his wife

Installing The Wood Stove Into the Camper

Installing a wood stove in the RV: When your lifestyle is available to the general public it can be challenging, and occasionally beneficial. As is the story with acquiring the new, fabulous, favorite new addition to the camper…… new wood

Panamint Valley & The Resort

So I called the resort by phone, remembering what a cool place it was, and asked for a job. “Great”, they said, “Come anytime.” The Panamint Valley Resort is located in Panamint Valley. It’s the one you get to before

The Inside

The Inside

The Camper Apr 09, 2011

               Often people think that the couch is the bed, they do not see the above space. My bed is up above the cab of the truck, it is a queen size and criminally

Gotta Haves

Gotta Haves

The Camper Apr 08, 2011

Wonder what could be so precious so as to occupy my tiny space? It’s all in the little things. I’m all about surrounding myself with the lovelies!  Some of the items I have, in place, were there in the beginning

The Food challenge

So, what are the challenges you ask? Food is a challenge. What do I eat while on the road? Good question. I mostly eat fresh and raw. That means bread, vegetables, small amounts of cheese and cold cuts, nuts, berries,

My trip to Del Rey

I came for good reasons but I stay for entirely different ones. Del Rey, California is a slow quiet town, with one main street, and a lot like what I call “little Mexico”. The Radio station claims we’re somewhere in