Parking Spots

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Parking the Camper

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Parking a truck and camper is a problem for the most part. It is the single biggest issue I have. I have parked in cemeteries, church parking lots, car wash bays, truck stops, and alley ways. I have slept on Hollywood Blvd, the Vegas Strip, and Wal-marts across the country. It’s a restless night sleep worried that you are at risk of any number of mishaps.  I have been woken up by police, the fire department, by a skateboarder who ran into me in the night, and woken by a car that backed into me. I woke up once to find a group of people rubbing the outside of my camper enthralled with it’s exterior, I stopped a fireman with a running chainsaw from cutting through my door in the nick of time………. It’s against the law, you know, to leave your dog in your camper while in Las Vegas. It can be tough out there and I like to sleep comfortably.

On the city streets  It’s not always fun getting in and out of your front door in a public place! It’s like having an instant neighbor wherever I park. Often I am on the streets of my home town Portland, where, fortunately, the neighborhood knows me and doesn’t mind my presence or the oddity of watching me get up in the morning and roll out my front door to go get coffee.

I aim for forested areas, spots on the beach, and lakes. But “on the road” can be difficult and tiring. The camper is not exactly a speed demon. White knuckling past windy canyons and across plains is exhausting.

While on the road I find refuge in rest areas, vista points, truck stops, and church parking lots. Depending on the State I am in, there a a lot of places that one can find to hide out in if you aren’t afraid to go exploring. I have definitely found some great places to hang out!

And then there are times when I travel to work somewhere, and usually, with a little charm I am able to customize my spot…those are the BEST of times!