Pet Stove Stats

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The Pet stove (10)

My tiny Pet stove is fantastic! And entirely heating my 24′ Silver Streak trailer in the Oregon winter. I think anyone who installs a wood stove into an unconventional setting, such as a vintage trailer, has reservations about its success. Questions arise that we can’t answer and watching a youtube video just might not be convincing enough for some.

I am one of them. Though I had the stove installed in my camper, it was never sealed properly nor looked like it was something to be trusted. Not that that stopped me from burning a fire in it. I have a background in carpentry and currently teach an apprenticeship program. There is an aspect one learns, and if given the chance one will teach, that a job well done looks well done. There is no mistaking craftsmanship.

This time around, installing the wood stove would be done proper. With proper installation comes efficiency and this stove, in my opinion, is running at it’s maximum potential!

The temperature of the stove itself when a fire is in full flame is around 500 degrees. Any stove regardless of size gets to around the same temp.

The first section of stove pipe above the stove is around 150 degrees, up to 200 while the fire is first hot; when freshly stoked.

I have 2 sections of 3″ pipe 12 inches long=24 inches before the bend, one section after the bend before the next bend, and one section of pipe as it exits the roof.Stove pipe for tiny stove

The stove pipe exiting the roof on the inside hovers less than 100 degrees.

Outside, testing the same 12 inch section of stove pipe the temperature is around 80 degrees.

These facts are important to me for installation, the temperatures were tested before any finishing was done.  The only local pipe “boot” to seal the outside that I could purchase is rated for a maximum temp of 215 degrees. In addition I needed it to be flexible to follow the curve of my roof.  I thought for sure that the pipe would exceed that temp… but it doesn’t. stove pipe installation on trailer roof (1)

This is the boot installed around the pipe. I put mastic under the rubber just to be sure it would not leak.

A few other factors are concerning. My stove sits directly on my cedar table, not far from the wall and ceiling. None of this is alarming. All temperature shows that there is no problem here.

For the love of fire……that’s it.