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About Dreaming Jan 30, 2011 No Comments

After several years of getting into my own dreams I decided to dedicate more time to understanding some theory about dreams, such as how is it possible that one can have a dreamers dictionary and simply look up an object, idea, or animal, and get an answer as to the essence of a dream? The essence of their dream? Though I can see the latter to be a helpful tool to some, it just doesn’t seem to work for me. I tried reading as many Jung books as I could get my hands on about dreams. I tried to understand symbols of alchemy, ancient symbols of the collective unconscious, and even some numerology concepts.

I did in fact learn some things, yet, what I really learned is that dreams are also individual. They are only yours and your life is unique. It was too complex for me to spend what was the equivalent of a masters degree in dream study. Instead I focused on details of dream and content and applied them to who I am, with a small amount of theory and symbology, because indeed there are times when it is called for.

I dreamed of a wild creature “…….. a great Black Stallion, large as any whale, with mane growing to it’s feet. It is reeling with all it’s might toward me, kicking and snorting, rolling on it’s back and rearing it’s impressive body.  Though it seems ferocious there is no fear. It is shiny like the water itself and as it comes towards me it is kicking up sand. Then……it stops beside me…..breathing heavy from it’s Arabian-like nostrils.”

July 15, 2008

Some notes:

Animals in dreams are suggestive of our natural instincts and the entirely primal part of us. In our day to day life we generally do not act instinctively and therefore are at odds with our natural selves. For this reason it is very important as well as a rewarding thing to know, to be on good terms with the animals in our dreams. It can represent a union between your conscious and unconscious self. I am able to gather from the dream above some comfort and self knowledge that I am not afraid of the natural part of myself, or that it is close to me in some form and that I do not fear it.