The Dreadful Job

About Dreaming Jan 30, 2011 No Comments

At the time of this dream I was working on a project that, frankly, was the worst. I was having difficulty communicating with my co-worker and could barely bring myself to the job site. My co-worker was a friend of mine which made it all the more difficult to address the problem.

Consequently I had this dream: A crash has landed a woman into a bookshelf, as though in a car accident. She impaled herself into the center of a medical book. A blue, cloth bound book. The unfortunate circumstance was this: the medical book contained the information needed to get her out, now inaccessible. A tragedy.

Some notes:

This dream seemed so clearly a process of the situation I was in. It’s the actual events that make it so profound. Arms restrained; a physical representation of my inability to communicate. A cloth bound book representing the delicate situation of working with a friend. The information to get out of the dilemma contained within. Obviously I was distressed by what was going on and if things visit me in my sleep they need attention. This dream,  encouraged me to open communication and try to resolve the problem, and it worked.