Installing The Wood Stove Into My Vintage Trailer

The Silver Streak Jan 04, 2015 No Comments

Tiny cabin stove Pet stove (10)

The Pet and the Pipe

It’s with love that I have decided to install my Pet stove into the trailer. I say this because it has taken several months to commit to this decision. It’s so small I wasn’t sure that it would actually heat the space. But I love it so much, regardless of it’s capabilities to make us sweat, I was determined to not only install it but to find stove pipe  equal to it’s charm.

I had the stove installed in my camper but this time I wanted it done right and looking good.

This proved to be difficult.  3 inch pipe is nearly impossible to find and most definitely not available at a local retailer. This had me confused because there are posts all over the internet of tiny stoves like mine installed with 3 inch pipe. I was wondering, “Where in the world are they getting it?” I deduced perhaps a marine supplier?  Without boring  you with the details of my search, I will just say that one day I happened across a sale item on Ebay. The seller had advertised 3 inch chromed stove pipe that was 30 years old. Chromed? Perfect!

When the box arrived I was delighted; 12-12 inch sections of 3 inch pipe wrapped in news paper from 1971, chromed!Vintage stovepipe
Okay, major part of the project accomplished. Now all I needed was  two 45 degree elbows to complete the interior installation. Keeping in step with charm for a well rounded completion, certainly this stove will not settle for galvanized pipe!

Readily available are pipe sections for pellet stoves in the 3 inch diameter, which, under specifications say that it can be used for stoves burning bio-fuel.  Well, if you’ve burned a smudge pot lately you would know that those suckers get crazy hot.  Pellet stove pipe is perfectly suited for a small wood burning stove, yet they only make it in steel, which, in case you haven’t seen it, is  terribly ugly!