To The Coast

The Silver Streak Sep 20, 2014 No Comments

First trip to the beach

I don’t know what to say of my first refit to the Silver Streak other than… was premature in the sense that my ideas about living in it were not well developed. And this is because we needed a relationship, the trailer and I.

The thing that nagged me, and still does at times, is that what I expect of myself as a woodworker or carpenter is not what I expect for my own living quarters. That is to say that I don’t intend for everything to match, I wanted to use the random hardware that came from the camper, and my own bohemian rustic style. My instincts seem to clash with so many trailer restorations. So, whether I was confused about knowing myself or that my desires were hidden from me, I built what I thought would work.  And then I went to the beach.

I stayed in a KOA for a month. And I learned a few things. I Learned that ultimately I want to live on the Oregon Coast and have an ocean side life, and that the trailer LEAKED. In fact, while I was at the KOA, I yanked the bathroom counter and sink out because…well…it was rotten and I just didn’t want it!

Here is what my first remodel looked like.