Why Do I Feel Like I Am Losing My Mind?

Your Dream Questions Answered Oct 09, 2016 No Comments


Humans are evolving into 4th density beings on this planet. Crazy talk? Maybe to some. Have you noticed that our sun has turned white? Children are being born with 3 strand DNA. I could get way into it but within the scope of what you are asking…for example, time passes when you are having fun and when you are focused on what you love. This is one way of time travel. If you do something that seems like it was only an hour when it was in actuality 4 hours, you have only aged one hour. What happens when you involve yourself in what you love? All else falls away. It’s called living in the now.

Every person has a story to tell but it’s not necessary to relive it on a regular basis. “I was hurt as a child” for example is a story someone may tell, but it does not benefit that person to tell that story every day. If they do, they will inevitably become sick. They only need draw upon that memory when an experience arises for them to use what they know to make a decision.

“Know what you need to know when you need to know it” is a good motto.

Now, when you decide that an old story is just plain old, you stop telling it and make room for incoming NEW ideas. This is how you get rid of limiting beliefs and move forward. Losing half your brain is allowing you to move forward with what you have now, right now, you don’t need all the old story that comes with it. You are naturally evolving, congratulations.

Or…you could ask your doctor to test you for dementia.