Why do I keep killing people in my dreams?

Your Dream Questions Answered Oct 09, 2016 No Comments

It’s a tough one. I’m sorry if this is bothering you but I am certain you can get this into perspective.

In this case I would describe dreams as a representation of your vibration quality. As in, you are a unit of energy with a vibrational signature the same way a musical note has a vibrational quality that allows us to identify it. Your vibrational signature is unique to you, entirely your own. Dreams are given to yourself, by yourself, they do not come from some unknown place and enter your field. So each and every dream is a representation of your vibrational signature. We select from an infinite number of images and symbols that interact and connect and then add the issue at hand for a scenario of experience to play out for ourselves to remember, experience, learn from.

Simply put; happy dreams reflect our happy waking state, nightmares reflect our discordant waking state, but keep in mind that you can have a “bad” dream that can be turned around into a positive situation. In this sense you can have a bad dream image but feel happy in the dream. It’s a metaphoric symbol. Often people will say I met a monster in my dream, but I felt very calm. This is not a nightmare…something else is at work.

When we dream of a person for example what we have done is compared it to an exact vibrational match. For example when I dream of Mary, it’s not actually Mary entering my dream. Whatever I know to be in my dream is an exact match to Mary. Is there a chance that what you are “killing” is a part of yourself? Maybe it’s a bad idea you are doing away with? What is the vibrational match to it?

We could say that there is a memory of a parallel incarnation in which you have committed this act. Then we would ask, why are you pairing with this experience now?

We could also start asking some other questions that pop into my mind. I ask these questions because I have met many people who say that the design of their life is not exactly what they want. And then when exploring some of the design we find that friends are not exactly the friends they want, the job is not exactly the work that makes them happy, etc. The act of killing in simple terms would be to do away with something that makes you angry or frustrated, can we agree on that?

So I would ask you how do you feel in the dream? Lets pick a scenario….I dreamed I killed my coworker. Okay, in the dream did I feel good after that or bad? Was it an accident or intentional? What is it about my coworker that makes me want to end the relationship or connection to them? Does my coworker represent something else? Am I always nice to my coworker when I don’t want to be? Am I jealous of my coworker because I feel they are doing better than I?…..expand……. Do I just need to quit my job because it sucks?

This is your life…..live it and start bringing into the dream a song you want to sing.

I mean, for some reason this act is showing up repeatedly. It sounds like it’s time to redesign your environment. One of the hardest parts of decoding dreams, for most people, is looking at themselves. Do the work, sort the business, ask yourself the hard questions. When you do this the dreams will disappear and move to the new issues at hand.

You are loved.