Why Do We Have Nightmares?

Your Dream Questions Answered Oct 09, 2016 No Comments

The nightmares we face are reflections of what we experience through our souls history and want to overcome now.

If you have been abused as a child, for example, and find yourself being “chased”, it is the vibration of being chased by fear and unresolved issues, that’s it, simply put.

Each one of us is in charge of our reality, our path, and how we navigate. And each one of us is in charge of our dreams. Dreams do not come from some other place and enter our field, or our brains. We are having a conversation with our higher self, which has revealed that we live in denial, fear, and ignorance of that which binds us.

The simple and easy act of honoring a dream, or paying attention to the symbols and imagery is one step closer to the possibilities that come from inner exploration.

If you dream over and over again that you are in a hurry to shove your things into one box and it becomes frightening, and you breath heavy, and experience great fear….take the fear out of the equation and ask yourself, “what might this mean?” Why have I been trying to shove things into this tiny box, why do I have so much stuff? What is it that I feel like I will lose if I don’t have these things? And then ask yourself, “why do I not question this IN the dream?”

Nightmares are a gift. They let us know the deeper workings so that we can move forward. They just seem like a nightmare when one is not honoring the symbolism.

They are your dreams, this is your life. Ask the dream the question…”What are you trying to tell me?” Then each individual will discover for themselves what nightmares mean.